Welcome To Make My Theme Song

Make My Theme Song is your resource to commission a custom theme song about yourself, your friends, your enemies, your podcast, your YouTube channel, your soccer team, your pet, and who or whatever subject you want to memorialize through song.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple. Fill out the form below. Decide if you want the theme song to be for you or is it a gift for somebody else. Next decide how much you want to spend on your theme song. You can choose a template song that I insert your or your recipient’s name into or do you want an original song created from scratch? Next choose a style of music, a lyrical tone (light, humorous, dark, serious), write in details about the subject (funny stories, nicknames, inside jokes, or anything you think should be included in the lyrics), complete the checkout process and you will have a theme song emailed to you within two weeks for an original song and within the week for a template song.

Makes A Great Gift!

A theme song is a unique gift that can really show the person how well you know them or how you see them. A weird banger that’s all about them? It will be their favorite gift.

Template Options Coming Soon

Custom Vs. Template?

What to choose? The answer depends on a few things: how quickly you need the song, how well you know the person (in the case of a gift), how much money you want to spend, what you need the song for (intro music for a show, intro music for a performer or athlete, etc.) and most importantly, your taste. You might hear the exact vibe you are looking for in a template version or maybe you want to be surprised by a custom version with lyrics created from facts and references you provide in the order form. Take a look through the list of template songs (more are being added all the time) and look at our growing body of original theme songs to get an idea of the type of work we do here at Make My Theme Song.

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