Terms and Conditions

Ownership and Liability

  1. As a commissioned piece of work the customer own the song. Make My Theme Song reserves the right to use the song, lyrics, video, and imagery in promotional materials.
  2. Customer is free to use the song in any capacity they see fit.
  3. MMTS retains author credit and publishing.

Privacy Policy

  1. Make My Theme Song (MMTS) does not share any information collected during the ordering process with any company or person for any reason.
  2. All information shared with MMTS is saved for a period of one year. During that time you may request a copy of your order form. After one year all form data and emails will be deleted. The song and production files will be retained for production purposes.
  3. Any personal information is shared voluntarily for the purposes of producing your theme song. MMTS is not responsible for any issues regarding lyrics derived from said information.
  4. Any images, video, or likeness of song subject is provided voluntarily by customer and MMTS is not responsible for any issues regarding said imagery.